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Remember how alone and scared you felt as an outsider in school?
Some of us were bullied ... some were attacked ...
and many of us suffered alone in silence.
WE made it through and now it's time to make a difference!
We must let kids know IT GETS BETTER and they WILL survive and thrive!


It Gets Better

Help "Pay it Forward" by telling your story to the younger generation and giving someone hope and encouragement.


Miz Cotton wants you to purchase an ad in your hometown yearbook
and send a message of hope. Show that it DOES get better and your are proof!
Feel free to view my example image template pages
(or contact your high school for format information
and how you can purchase an ad in the latest yearbook)


Visit the It Gets Better Project
at www.itgetsbetter.org to see all the wonderful messages
being created and the support for young kids everywhere.


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