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there is a ton of stuff I want to tell you about ME!

First, I grew up on a small farm in rural Pennsylvania. At an early age, I knew I was special. I could see fashion blunders and offer words of stylized advice to those around me in desperate need. Yes, it's true ... I was touched with the "gift". I could instantly come up with an answer to anyone's problems. Not that this didn't have some adverse effects on my life. Those around me just didn't understand my abilities or extraordinary flair for fashion. I couldn't relate to anyone around me ... except to offer make-up, fashion and the occasional home-decorating tips. I was an out-cast. I needed to find a community where my talents would be appreciated and understood. Somewhere where the people around me could benefit from my "gift".

Yes kiddies ... I left rural Pennsylvania for the bright lights and big city of Pittsburgh!

Now, living in the buzzing metropolis, I can be free to be me! I travel the country in search of fashion "don'ts" and just do my part to make the world a better place!

I will help you answer any question you might have (although some people have told me I just make up the answer ... I don't know where they get such ideas!). I will offer make-up, fashion, life and food choices. It's those little things that make all the difference.

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Calling ALL Cotton Kan-Dee fans!!!

Miz Cotton has made the COVER of CUE Magazine - not ONCE but TWICE - the June 2010 and the June 2012 editions ... unfortunately, CUE Magazine is no longer ... but there are still some neat things in the FB archives. Click the magazine cover below to check them out.

Miz Cotton's CUE Cover

Miz Cotton's other CUE Cover


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