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"Pretty Ain't Easy !"

And technology is even harder !!!
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Cotton's iPhone applications

Browse my virtual world ... find out more about Miz Cotton!

Miz Cotton is available when you need her - whether it's late at night; early in the morning; while hiding from your relatives or visiting old Aunt Minerva at Miss Judy's Mobile Home Retreat.

Just ASK COTTON or c'mon in to COTTON'S CORNER! No need to shake and rattle your iPhone (or your brain) ... simply download and enjoy! "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" has a whole new meaning to Miz Cotton!

The ORIGINAL Miz Cotton iPhone app
The NEWEST Miz Cotton iPhone app

Don't stop at predictions, grabbing the closest magic 8 ball, digging out the Ouija Board or playing rock, paper, scissors with yourself. They're all good but sometimes it isn't just enough. The answers your are looking for are as close as your iPhone.

Miz Cotton is waiting to help.

  • Do you want to know if that box of wine goes with the tuna casserole you just made?
  • Does blue eye shadow really go with everything?
  • Should you go to the movies with "what's his name"?
  • Is it a good night for Bingo?
  • Is it time for a new hairdo?
  • Do men really not make passes at girls with glasses?

ASK COTTON - Let Miz Cotton be your confidant. Don't ask for help from someone who doesn't care. No need to DRAG answers out of your friends.

Miz Cotton will let ask anything ... let you ramble on-and-on ... and when you're ready ... she'll tell you what she thinks (boy, will she!) ... only 99ยข

Have you ever found yourself away from your computer ... and just wishing you had Miz Cotton nearby?

Well OF COURSE you have! Hasn't everyone?

Well now, thanks to good old Honey ... you can!

Cotton's Corner

COTTON's CORNER is my latest FREE iPhone application. Have instant access to the old gal (as long as you can connect to the internet).

Cotton's Corner gives you:

  • excerpts from my monthly column, DIARY OF A QUEEN
  • access to my advice via LETTERS TO COTTON
  • a look at "ALL THINGS COTTON"

download your FREE app today!

Important Note: Kiddies - (especially you tekkies out there) - make sure you have the latest iPhone and iPod Touch software loaded on your devices. Honey (my trusty assistant) only programs with the latest software ... so be sure you are up-to-date! Miz Cotton's apps are designed for 2nd generation devices and beyond.

I have NO IDEA what all that means, but Honey insisted I mention that to you all.


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